On May 23, 2007 Savannah had an accident of some type that injured her left eye.  I went out to put the horses away for the evening feeding.  Savannah was in another stall and was unwilling to come out.  I approached her and she moved away.  NOT normal for her.  When I got closer and she turned toward me, this is what I saw:

May 23rd

You can see an injury of some kind just above the eye.  I called the vet ASAP and he said there really wasn't anything he could do for her right then and to bring her in first thing in the morning. 

Next morning, this is what the injury looked like:

May 24th


Hauled her to the vet's.  He looked at her but said she had so much swelling it was impossible to tell what all was involved.  He said we needed to work on getting the swelling down before he could really see where to go next.  She spent the night there on the 24th.  He gave her some Dex, banamine (anti-inflammatory), and applied Neomycin (steroid) to the eye itself.

On the night of the 25th it  is still swollen.  We (and a lot of other folks) are praying that she doesn't loose her vision in that eye.  At the very least, we want her to be able to keep the eye.

May 25th

May 26th

No photos today but her eye is a little less swollen.

May 27th

The eye is looking a little better each day.  Today I could tell she was trying to use it.  The eye was able to move slightly like she was following you with it.  I know she doesn't have vision in it right now as everything is black and it looks like it might actually be turned down some.  Like the eye rotated down.  We're still holding to the hope she will be able to see out of it.

May 28th

When I went out to clean her eye today, she was a trooper as usual.  Once I had it cleaned and medicated, I moved my index finger towards that eye to test for some kind of vision.  Before I got to the feeler lashes, she moved away.  I'm HOPING that means she can see out of it.   The fatty looking tissue at the top (kind of yellowish) peels off every other day.  It just kind of flakes off. 

May 30th

This morning, the eye seems more like a normal eye other than it looks ulcerated.  She has no vision in it.   I'm still hoping it will clear up and she will be able to see.  She didn't want me touching it this morning to wash it.  Her eye is tearing so there is some lubrication on it but there was stuff on there I had to get off.  Poor baby.  She did let me hold it open to apply her meds though. 

June 2nd

The eye is oozing a lot. The vet drew some of her blood and separated out the plasma.  He said it is one of the best antibodies out there.  We've been washing the eye and putting the serum in it 2-3 times a day.  I'm also alternating the serum with the Pen G.  There is a lot of gunk coming out and the eye is still red and hazy.  Still holding hope that she will see again.  She is REALLY tired of me messing with it but it's something that has to be done.  Poor girl.

June 12th

Savannah is going too loose her eye.  It has slowly been "melting" away.  There is a big yellow glob that the vet says he will probably have to trim off and there won't be much of an eye left.  I hate that this happened to her.  Seems everything goes wrong for this poor girl.  No matter what, I'm still going to work with her to do obstacles.  She loves them and will do anything I ask of her.   Now she just has to learn to listen to my voice to do what needs to be done.